World Day for Farmed Animals: 30th Anniversary Observance

World Day for Farmed Animals is right around the corner, tell us your plans!

Every year on or around October 2nd, animal activists across the globe join in solidarity to express their opposition to the exploitation and killing of billions of cows, pigs, chickens, fish and other animals raised for food. Most of these animals are raised on factory farms, where they are confined, mutilated, and bred to grow so large, so quickly, that many of them literally suffer to death. Even animals raised on small family farms endure many of these abuses, and all animals raised for food face a gruesome slaughter.

In combating these horribly violent social “norms,” activists stage outreach events to educate the public on the cruel truth behind animal farming. Our goal is to help remove the veil from the public’s eyes, so that a compassionate society may make kinder food choices. As part of this year’s campaign, activists may request our new “You’ve Been Lied To” brochure, filled with hard-hitting facts and haunting images of standard animal farming practices.

Activists are also encouraged to join one of this year’s many demonstrations happening across the United States, Canada and around the world! In honoring the 30th anniversary observance of World Day for Farmed Animals, we’re joining forces with organizations, such as Citizens United for Animals, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Toronto Pig Save, and countless individual activists to show our support for farmed animals. Government and animal agribusiness has lied to the public for too long and it’s time we take a stand.

For more information, on World Day for Farmed Animals, please stop by To find an event near you, please visit our Facebook events page, or click here. If you are interested in holding your own event, please check out our Action Guide, prior to registering.

Not finding an event near you? Not into protesting or demonstrations? No problem! Show your support for farmed animals by sharing our life-saving 10 Billion Lives video with friends and family. Start the conversation. Plant the seeds. Watch compassion grow!

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