Veganism a Part of the Earth Day Message

Another Earth Day has gone by and once again, our results have made a lasting impact! Dozens of activists from all over the country distributed thousands of handouts to local events while our online efforts were just as strong, using all avenues possible to share the vegan message far and wide.

We revamped our Green Your Diet handout which received great acclaim from our activists. While the handout is certainly attractive, the content is what helped change diets. With very convincing information about the correlation between animal agriculture and climate change, there is no doubt our handout made people question if they are making the right dietary choice for the planet.

Activists came out in droves to their local Earth Day events and distributed thousands of our handouts to the public! Volunteers in over 26 states participated in Vegan Earth Day, leafleting and tabling wherever concerned environmentalists assembled. Our strong grassroots presence nationwide propelled veganism to be a major talking point for Earth Day 2013!

FARM's Director of Outreach Programs participates in the Face of Climate Campaign.

The outreach didn’t stop at local events though. Our activists were so dedicated to changing diets on Earth Day, they joined FARM staff in taking our activism online and participating in the #faceofclimate campaign. By simply holding a sign promoting veganism and taking a picture, we were able to give thousands of people a glimpse of the impact a vegan diet can have on the environment! It was fun and interactive but more importantly, it was effective.

Hundreds of people viewed the four minute Green Your Diet video due to the relentless sharing by our activists. Many were inspired by the message of the video, with one YouTube user commenting, “I am a light meat-eater and enjoy my dairy but maybe the time has come to make a difference!”

This year, our efforts ensured that the public can no longer ignore our message: that the choices they make on their plate effect our planet’s future.


Parker is the Campaign Coordinator at Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). He manages the organization's many campaigns such as Meatout, Vegan Earth Day, World Farm Animals Day and Gentle Thanksgiving.

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