President Obama, Let’s Move Forward for ALL

On Monday, all eyes on were on Washington as our 44th president was sworn into office. Barak Obama’s inauguration speech sounded about the same as his last victory speech and the same as the nation has heard from previous presidents…lots of promises of hope and working together for the common good…to tackle healthcare, climate change, ending a decade of war, and peace and freedom for all.

Well if the president really wanted to start tackling some of these tough issues facing our nation (and the world), he might consider ceasing to endorse big agribusiness (and big oil but that’s another topic for discussion) and ending the war on animals. Reducing America’s demand for animal protein will not only solve violent animal cruelty issues but it would greatly reduce healthcare costs (improving the overall health of the country) and address one of the leading causes of climate change. That would truly be “freedom for ALL.”


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