Cooking Channel Goes Vegan!

So if you haven’t heard, the Cooking Channel has gone vegan! Chef Jason Wrobel is cooking up plenty of delicious and easy vegan recipes on his new show “How to Live to 100.” Known as the “King of Superfoods,” which are powerful ingredients proven to increase your longevity, Jason dishes up plenty of food and humor that will have you tuning in for every episode.

Jason is a world-renowned leader in organic raw vegan cuisine and culinary education. He focuses on radical simplicity and artful presentation using fresh, local, organic produce and the healing properties of raw superfoods. Jason’s dishes have received rave reviews from a long list of celebrity clients including Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven, Sigourney Weaver, and Russell Simmons.

Wrobel says, “My goal as a culinary artist is to use organic raw and living foods as a catalyst to heal our bodies and increase our longevity. Through food, music and entertainment, I inspire people’s creativity, tantalize their imaginations and turn them on to how fun, easy and incredibly tasty healthy organic cuisine can be.”

So the next time one of your friends of family members asks you what you eat, tell them to tune into Jason’s new cooking show to find out! The next episode airs this Saturday; check your local listing for times. Bon Appetit!

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