San Francisco Adopts Meat-Free Mondays

The city of San Francisco has declared every Monday “Meat-Free” Monday. Encouraging people to refrain from eating animal products is a small step towards environmental sustainability and good personal health. If every American were to embrace vegan eating every Monday, as is suggested by FARM’s Meatout Mondays, over one billion animals’ lives would be spared every year.

San Francisco is the first major US city to declare a Meat-Free day. Hopefully more cities will follow them, and will condemn not just meat, but all animal products at least one day a week.

Michael Webermann

Michael is the Campaign Coordinator for Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). He works with activists around the globe for Meatout, World Farm Animals Day, Gentle Thanksgiving, and other year-round public outreach campaigns. He holds a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. In his spare time he plays in The Buddy System, a Washington DC-based punk band, and works on public pressure campaigns end mountaintop removal, fight global warming, halt the use of animals for fashion and science, and create a just and equitable world for all people.

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