MFA Investigation Reveals Horrifying Abuse- Take Action!

By now, you have probably seen the most recent Mercy for Animals undercover investigation, documenting horrific cruelties in an Ohio dairy operation. If you have not yet seen the video, please watch it, and read on to find out how you can get active to help dairy cows and calves. Animal science professor Dr. Bernard Rollin called the video “probably the most gratuitous, sustained, sadistic animal abuse I have ever seen.”

I agree with Rollins. The footage may not be the most graphic that has been published, but the abuses documented are so disturbing because they are not even done under the guise of “increased productivity” or “delivering low-cost food.” As Rollins goes on to say, “the video depicts calculated, deliberate cruelty, based not on momentary rage but on taking pleasure through causing pain to cows and calves who are defenseless.”

We must use the public outcry about this cruelty to the advantage of dairy cows across the country. The incidences may seem isolated, but the fact that this took place on a relatively small “family farm” actually emphasize an important point: family farms often ARE factory farms, and even on supposed family, organic, or free-range operations, we NEVER know what cruelties are going on behind closed doors to bring people milk, eggs, and meat. The only way to end animal abuse is to end animal use!

Free Handouts to Spread the Word!

Help us put a stop to this abuse, and similar offenses across the globe: share the investigation video via email, Facebook, and Twitter, and spread the word about cow and chicken treatment with our free Dark Side of Dairy and Eggs handout. This dramatic card explains the inherent cruelties to those industries and calls upon caring consumers to ditch dairy and eggs. Fill out our handout request form to create awareness about alternatives to cruel milk products.

Need some ideas? How about leafleting at a concert or festival (especially near the food stand!), or asking a health food store to display the cards. Email us, comment below, or call us at 888-FARMUSA if you need more than 100 handouts, if you’d like additional outreach materials (including posters or stickers), or if you have other ideas about how to get active on this important issue.

Thank you for taking a stand!

Michael Webermann

Michael is the Campaign Coordinator for Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). He works with activists around the globe for Meatout, World Farm Animals Day, Gentle Thanksgiving, and other year-round public outreach campaigns. He holds a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. In his spare time he plays in The Buddy System, a Washington DC-based punk band, and works on public pressure campaigns end mountaintop removal, fight global warming, halt the use of animals for fashion and science, and create a just and equitable world for all people.

One thought on “MFA Investigation Reveals Horrifying Abuse- Take Action!

  1. i cried while watching this i had to fast foward the video. these people shouldnt be farmers. they are total jerks and should be stabbed with pitchforks like in the video!! the farmers should be beaten.
    not the animals. i have 2 german shepards who would bite the crap out of those farmers if i told them to. They would bark so loud… >:) i could just imagine the horrified farmers being beaten by me and my dogs!! 😀 lol but still i cried. i have 3 cats also.. and 5 fish and i love them all! i couldnt imagine doing that to my animals let alone anyone else’s. i just had an omlet and im about to barf it back up. i wanted milk before i watched it but i dont think i can drink milk for a while after seeing this.

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