Mercy for Animals Releases Horrific Dairy Farm Investigation

Our friends at Mercy for Animals are at it again with another undercover investigation showing unfathomable cruelty. This time, they went for the milk industry, targeting New York’s largest dairy operation- Willet Dairy.

The video shows the terrifying conditions dairy cows face, including having their tails and horns cut off, having their babies stolen from them at birth, being crammed into quarters so small they can not turn around, and receiving wounds so swollen and infected that they result in the cows’ deaths. At one point, a worker brags about the injuries he inflicts on cows, including kicking their genitalia. His speech is too laden with profanity to quote here, so be careful if listening on non-private speakers.

The industry continues to call these abuses “isolated incidences,” with the CEO of Willet claiming that the business “ensures [the cows’] lives are good while they’re here.” And while Mercy for Animals concluded their video with a call to adopt a vegan diet by visiting their website, the mainstream media continues to water down the issue by merely using the video to campaign for an end to tail docking.

What the media is refusing to acknowledge, again and again, is that practices such as taking calves from their mothers within days of birth are inherent to the dairy industry, and won’t go away even on regulated free-range farms. The only way to end all of these practices is to stop consuming dairy products.

FARM commends Mercy for Animals on their outstanding work, and encourages all who were affected by the video to order a Free Vegan Starter Guide at

Michael Webermann

Michael is the Campaign Coordinator for Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). He works with activists around the globe for Meatout, World Farm Animals Day, Gentle Thanksgiving, and other year-round public outreach campaigns. He holds a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. In his spare time he plays in The Buddy System, a Washington DC-based punk band, and works on public pressure campaigns end mountaintop removal, fight global warming, halt the use of animals for fashion and science, and create a just and equitable world for all people.

5 thoughts on “Mercy for Animals Releases Horrific Dairy Farm Investigation

  1. This is outrageous these people sure be shut down , who would a person contact to get something done I cannot believe this is allowed to happen where are the state inspectors ? I,am under the impression that the dairy farms are inspected at least once monthly for this kind of behavior and that first and formost are the animals well being and then second is the milk and by products its self to make sure it is surpassing federal standards what government agency is at fault here someone should be in trouble in this day and time these people should be locked up this cannot continue

  2. Everyone should write the FDA … !!! they can surly do something how the hell can those people ever have any respect treating animals in that regard. cows are one of our most trusted animals a needed animal and a animal that appreciates good treatment and is greatful for the care good humans extend to them I cant beleive the people …. anything for a lousy worthless dam dollar bill …….

  3. Steve- Thanks for you concern about dairy cows. The thing is, as I tried to clarify in this blog, is that many of these practices occur even on free-range/humanely raised farms. Specifically, all cows on all dairy farms are kept perpetually pregnant in order to keep them making milk. Whether on an organic farm or a factory farm, the cows are forcefully inseminated and their babies are taken from them at an early age.

    The males are slaughtered for food, often as veal calves, and the females go on to perpetuate the cycle. All dairy cows are slaughtered at an early age, when they cease to be profitable. None of this can change, because it is impossible for a dairy industry to profit without these practices. Because of this, cutting dairy out of your diet is the ONLY way to end this cruelty. No amount of regulation can stop it.

  4. I was not sure if I should comment or not as members here deeply care about animals and anything I say will probably upset everyone. I live and work on a small dairy farm. I understand your point completely and have often wondered myself about the whole industry. You are correct about the Males (steers or bulls). If too many are born, they are either sold for breeding or for beef. I have to tell you that things are done a little differently on this farm. Our calves are NEVER sold for veal. We will not let babies be killed for food. We keep them until they are full grown (~ 2 years). Our cows / heifers are not forcefully inseminated – they get bred when they feel like it (when they go into heat) as there is a bull around. We have had heifers and cows that would not breed for 2 years. That method has worked fine for milk production. Also, when a cow gives birth, the calf is allowed to stay in front of the mother (where the mother can cuddle her calf). Some calves have been kept with their mothers for a few months. After that, they are still kept in the same barn and can still see each other. In regards to “all dairy cows are slaughtered,” I want to say that is not true. Our cows are not sold for beef when they retire. They get to hang out – they are like our pets. There is no way we could toss them away. We are able to do these things because we are a small farm. We love our animals and do not treat them like “things.” Our cows are sociable with great personalities. Most small farms operate the way we do.
    I also wanted to make mention of our chickens. We have a lot of cool chickens (they are very comical). We have 17 hens. Yes, we eat the eggs. The chickens are going to lay eggs if anyone likes it or not (they do not need a rooster for egg laying). These chickens are our pets. Originally, we wanted them because they were very pretty. Our chickens come to us when we call them. They get to roam outside anytime they want in the warm weather and have a safe warm place when the weather is cold. Why is it wrong that we eat the eggs? I know regardless of what I say I will be wrong.

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