Meatout a HUGE Success!

Compassionate folks in England take the Meatout pledge.

This year marked the 29th celebration of Meatout, with events taking place across the United States and around the globe. With a fresh new website, band new outreach materials, and hundreds of activists ready to educate the public, this was truly a landmark year.

Thousands took to the streets to gather Meatout pledges, by hosting tabling and leafleting events, while others flocked online to share viral images of their new found commitment to eat vegan for a day with friends and family. The positive feedback we received was overwhelming! Individuals were very excited to try new foods and recipes that they normally wouldn’t try, but they were definitely glad they did – most participates said they would eat animal-free meals more often.

FARM staff and volunteers gave thousands of passersby a taste of the vegan diet by distributing samples of Gardein in Washington, D.C., San Jose, CA and in San Luis Obispo, CA. On the other side of the world, Croatian activists conducted a cooking workshop that gained prime time news coverage, and inĀ Spain, activists in two cities protested against animal consumption by portraying themselves as packaged meat.

Folks in San Francisco and Los Angeles were encouraged to take the Meatout pledge on their daily commutes, thanks to our cleaver bus ads. One hundred ads were ran in both cities, reaching tens of thousands with our cruelty-free message.

And numerous organizations joined this year’s Meatout Coalition in spreading the vegan message by promoting the campaign and coordinating events. We especially want to thank, VegFund andĀ A Well-Fed World for providing grants that ensured our activists had the funds to set up events filled with enticing foods for the public, and thank you to our food sponsors Gardein, Tofurky, Whole Soy & Co. and So Delicious for providing coupons to our activists and pledgers.

To read more about this year’s Meatout campaign, check out our International Report.

2 thoughts on “Meatout a HUGE Success!

  1. VegFund was thrilled to lend support to this important form of outreach. We are extremely grateful for all the activists who volunteered their time to spread the vegan message of compassion and are very encouraged by the number of people who have committed to eat vegan meals. Thank you, FARM, for all that you do to promote Meatout. We’re looking forward to 2014!

  2. Thank you, VegFund, for supporting our efforts to reduce animal suffering and improve human health. Much appreciated!

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