Make Everyday Food Day

In case you missed it, yesterday was Food Day. All across the country folks gathered to get back to basics and focus on eating healthier and celebrating what it means to eat “real” food. This day was created to help farmers and consumers organize locally and regionally to bring fresh foods closer to home.

According to the Food Day website, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are popping up everywhere, farm to school programs are found in more than 12,000 schools, and the U.S. organic food market continues to outpace conventional food sales; which means, we are headed in the right direction, BUT we must continue to educate the public on healthier choices and push policymakers to ensure the integrity of our food system remains intact (and is continuously improved).

How do we do that? Through our purchases and by lending our voices to causes that matter. We each have the power, as consumers and citizens, to influence our food system through our grocery shopping, our daily meal choices – make EVERYDAY Food Day – and through the democratic process. Remember to read product labels and purchase organic, non-GMO foods when possible. Choose compassionate plant-based meals and food items free of animal products. And take the time to learn the issues regarding food, so that you can make educated decisions when placing your votes and signing petitions. Politicians and policymakers won’t provide the facts for you, so it is important for you to do a little research, stay informed, and ensure your representatives are doing their jobs – representing your views.

Great ways to get educated are by listening to public radio, watching public TV, researching hot topics via the web, visiting our LiveVegan website, participating in local town meetings, and by attending community festivals, where dedicated nonprofit organizations are present to provide vital information on a wide variety of issues. Remember the old adage – “Knowledge is power.”

So if you’re in the Baltimore area this weekend, be sure to get your knowledge on by checking out the 2nd Annual Vegtoberfest presented by Open the Cages Alliance. The event is free and fun for all ages, so come celebrate healthy, sustainable and compassionate vegan food choices and lifestyles! Vegtoberfest will be held at Riverside Park in south Baltimore on Saturday, October 27, 2012. FARM is a proud sponsor of the event and we will be tabling, so please stop by and learn about some of the food issues currently facing our country. Hope to see you there!

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