In Remembrance: World Farm Animals Day 2012

Tuesday was World Farm Animals Day, marking a day of honor for those who have lost their lives in the name of “food” and looking towards a brighter future where animals are no longer killed for mere taste. All across the globe, thousands of activists held silent vigils, public protests and live demonstrations to raise awareness of the plight of farmed animals. Animal rights advocates tabled in crowded city centers, distributed leaflets and marched in the streets.

In Los Angeles, California, FARM activists gathered in front of Farmer John’s packing plant, a subsidiary of Hormel, to protest the largest pig slaughterhouse on the west cost. This facility kills more than 6,000 pigs a day and 1.5 million pigs per year. The protest was lead by FARM founder and holocaust survivor Alex Hershaft. As the transport trucks turned in for their morning delivery of new victims, they found the entrance to the slaughterhouse blocked, forcing the slaughter operations to come to a temporary halt. Two brave women were arrested after refusing to unblock the entrance to the plant. Around 80-100 activists joined in the protest. To view video footage from the protest, please click here.

At Rabin Square in central Tel-Aviv, Israel, three animal rights activists performed an act of solidarity and empathy towards abused animals in factory farms by being branded with hot steel, in the same way farm animals are branded. The activists say their demonstration is a call for empathy towards the most oppressed sector of our society. The Number 269, which was burned on their skin, was the number of a calf they encountered in one of Israel’s factory farms. Following the demonstration, the activists were treated for 3rd degree burns at Ichilov hospital (unlike farmed animals who receive no medical treatment). You can view the demonstration here.

On the Saturday prior to World Farm Animals Day, a group of activists held a vigil outside of Rancho Veal Corp, a slaughterhouse in Petaluma, California. Activists came and went all day to pay their respects with a quiet moment of reflection with the animals. At sunset, candles were lit to commemorate the loss of innocent life.

FARM would like to thank those who joined us in Los Angeles and to EVERYONE who observed this year’s World Farm Animals Day. More events like these will continue throughout the month, so be sure to check out our events page. And remember to stop back later for all the highlights in our International Report. Lastly, for those in the Boston and Dallas areas, be on the look out for our World Farm Animals Day billboard campaign. And may we all continue the good fight on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

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  1. Love and admiration for all who get it, and take a proud stand for the voiceless! I have an appt. to have the number 269 tattooed on my body this coming Friday.Vegan ink. :’)

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