Get Active for Animals in the New Year!


So it’s the beginning of a New Year, with endless possibilities…time to take stock of how far we’ve come and plan for where we’re headed.

According to statistics, overall meat consumption for the United States is declining and campaigns such as Meatout or Meatless Mondays are rapidly gathering support. We are making real strides for animals. However, everyday we still see the heart-wrenching images and videos of farmed animals being beaten and killed, and we’re taunted by ads that glorify eating more meat, dairy and eggs. And most of us think to ourselves, “What can I do to stop these atrocities? What can I do to help save more animals?”

You think, “I already eat vegan and I’ve committed to a vegan lifestyle, what else can I do?” Well, the answer is simple…get active! We are approaching a tipping point in the way society views other species, and if we are to see favorable change, we must stand up and let our voices for the animals be heard. Make this year’s resolution to become an animal activist and if you already are, then strive to be a more active activist.

Find motivation and inspiration by connecting with a local animal rights organization in your area, by creating your own community group or by joining us this summer at the Animal Rights National Conference. Volunteer at local outreach events or host your own tabling, leafleting, or video screening event. Participate in demonstrations, rallies and marches. Contact your representatives, submit Ed letters to local papers, create and sign petitions, and educate friends via social media. Arrange a fundraising event for your favorite animal organization or consider giving a donation.

The other thing you can do is to engage in meaningful conversation with those around you about the inherent cruelty of farming animals. Share your story, your journey with those who are willing to listen and provide them with the support and resources they need in order to make the connection and take the next step towards veganism. We all start somewhere, so keep planting those seeds and remember to water them and have patience. Veganism is no longer a foreign concept; it has reached the mainstream and it’s picking up momentum. Let’s keep it rolling! For more ideas on getting active for animals, visit our LiveVegan site. Happy New Year!

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