From the Road: Warped Tour Begins with a Bang!

Denver, Colorado welcomes Warped Tour and FARM's 10 Billion Lives Tour

Steeped in blissful exhaustion, these words reach you from the road in Denver, Colorado.  The Warped Tour journey began last Thursday, where we departed from the mild sunshine of Southern California to head to Las Vegas.  After waking up in scorching hot weather the next morning, we headed to the airport to pick up our newest recruits, Lisa Hines and Eva Kalea.  These fantastic activists will be joining us over the course of the next several weeks as we educate young people about the horrors of animal agriculture and empower them to make personal changes.

On Saturday, we kicked off the tour in Salt Lake City.  As soon as the venue doors opened, we were flocked by concertgoers who were thrilled by the prospect of earning a dollar by watching the video.  Drawn in by the $1 incentive, hundreds of people approached the truck and they walked away with a powerful understanding of what goes into the production of animal products.  The conversations ignited shift minds and hearts on a deep level, and this is reflected in the follow-up discussions with viewers.  The day was exhausting and hot, but our outreach proved to be fruitful.  The final count for the day was just under one thousand viewers!  The fatigue dissipated slightly as the bliss set in and we set forth towards Denver, Colorado.

A new day in a new city, and after a hectic morning, we were all set up and ready to reach out to plenty of new viewers.  As soon as the gates opened, the truck was flooded with young people who stepped up to watch the video and engage with the horrible history of animal products.  Countless individuals pledged to reduce or eliminate meat, dairy, and eggs from their diets altogether.  Many said that this was their first experience ever witnessing such footage.  The hundred degree weather left us thirsty and tired, but the rewarding conversations made it all worth it.

Two tour dates down, thirty-seven more cities to go, and we’ve already reached 1,636 new viewers! The rigors of the road are proving to be intense, but the shifts in consciousness rippling from the far-reaching impact of this project are far more powerful.

3 thoughts on “From the Road: Warped Tour Begins with a Bang!

  1. We unfortunately saw your van just as you were closing up at Warped Tour in Chicago. I remembered the website and looked you up as soon as we were back home and decided to go vegan! I blogged about it at to help spread the word! Thank you for all you do. You are truly changing lives and the planet!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Tina, and for your decision to explore a vegan way of life. If you need support on your journey, feel free to contact us and you may also want to sign up to receive our free e-newsletter called Meatout Mondays (, which includes a weekly vegan recipe, book & product reviews and lots of inspiration for aspiring and veteran vegans. Plus, be sure to check out for more information.

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