From the Road: The Cruelest Show on Earth

Parked outside of the Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood, CA, folks lined up to see our video & learn the truth about animal agribusiness

There’s something about sunshine, sand and the unfailing consistency of the ocean’s waves that creates an environment that is wildly conducive to outreach.  From San Diego to Newport Beach, we witnessed individual transformations, one by one, as people stepped up to the side of the truck to view the video.  The rate of pledges is truly astounding and remains as consistent as the waves rolling in (no matter how far we are from the beach).  Nearly every follow-up conversation sparked after the four minute video finishes playing reveals changed minds, as people almost always tell us that they want to reduce or terminate their consumption of animals and animal products.

Our presence in Hollywood certainly created a spectacle for tourists and locals alike.  Parked directly in front of the Guinness World Records Museum, the truck served as an exhibit for the cruelest show on Earth.  We were lucky to be joined by FARM’s Program Director, Michael Weber, who helped us draw in a crowd and talk to viewers about their experience.  There was no shortage of foot traffic as people passing by stopped to stare in awe at the screens playing for other individuals.  Lines formed with people waiting for their own opportunity to watch the video.

Prior to their viewing experience, most people are focused on the allure of the $1 earnings to be had, but once people have witnessed the truth behind animal agriculture, the dollar loses most of its significance.  The focus gets shifted and the real issue of animal cruelty in the food system and our power to do something about it seeps into the forefront of people’s consciousness.

We wrapped up a long week of outreach before kick starting Warped Tour with our Los Angeles Launch Party!  A fabulous catered dinner and desserts, live music, comedy and warm and loving support from all attendees amongst the glamorous setting of Ady Gil’s Rock Star Studio made for an extraordinary event.  Media came out and Telemundo Spanish television station featured coverage from the party as the top story on Sunday night.  The momentum from the festivities sent us into another event in Hollywood on Monday that proved to be wildly successful and reached many more people.

Needless to say, it’s been another impressive and inspiring week out on the road.  The flame burns hot here on the 10 Billion Lives Tour!  Warped tour, GET READY!

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