FARM’s Message Reaches Students

Each school semester, FARM’s Program Director, Michael A. Weber, is invited to several high schools and colleges in the Washington DC area to give a presentation about the implications of animal agriculture. Michael makes sure students are awake with the jarring question: “Do you believe it’s ethical to kick a dog in the face for pleasure?” From there, a spirited discussion unfolds about our society’s views on dogs vs. farmed animals. Why do humans treat certain animal species one way while treating other species another way?

Just this fall semester, Michael has given six talks reaching 165 students. He has presented to groups at American University, University of Maryland, and Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. Students are genuinely interested in the topic of discussion and are eager to respond to what is being said. After hearing Michael speak, one student said, “I never realized that farm animals could experience life like dogs do – it’s truly terrible how they are damaged physically and emotionally. I see meat differently now.”

Thanks to Michael and his motivational lectures, dozens of students have taken the pledge to reduce animal consumption. Discussing the ethical treatment of ALL animals engages students to fully realize the human/animal bond and allows them to make the connection between the needless sufferings of animals and what they call “food.”

2 thoughts on “FARM’s Message Reaches Students

  1. Wonderful! This is a great opportunity to reach many open minds at once. I hope someone is recording some of these lectures so we can spread the message even further! Thanks for including this method of advocacy in your outreach efforts. 🙂

  2. Your concern for animals is fine but you people need to know whats going on in the agricultrual business. Plow jockeys as greedy as they are are destroying both land quality and water quality with practices that the EPA is even turning their heads! Chemicals utilized by ag practices are causing mutations in wild life and ground water quality (which I think is kind of nice to have around) is deteriorating more every day. I’ve tried but need help.

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