FARM Underground Program Launched

We invite you to come check out FARM’s new program website for FARM Underground!  Navigate and discover ways to get active for farmed animals.  Join the FARM Underground Liberation team to stay active throughout the year for farmed animals.  Farmed animals account for 98% of all land animals abused and murdered among all by people. By working on farmed animal liberation we can create a real vegan revolution- not just a passing fad or phase.

By joining the Liberation Team, you will be able to get free materials for all campaigns and receive action alerts for local tabling at shows, tips on veganizing your cafeteria, and getting people to live vegan for at least one day a week.  Making the switch to veganism is imperative. From there, it is essential that we stay on top of new information, incorporate it into projects in class or at our jobs, and get active!


Adam has coordinated animal activism on the grassroots level in San Francisco, DC and Baltimore. He holds a degree in Sociology: Animals in Human Society.

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