For the Animals- Billions of Reasons to Live Vegan

Farmed animals are the most abused of any beings on the face of the earth, and account for 98% of all land animals killed by humans. They are treated as nothing more than commodities whose intrinsic value is how they can be profitable to humans.

We do not protect (or even take into consideration) the interests of non-human animals unless there is an economic incentive for doing so. These animals are sensitive individuals who want to live their lives free from exploitation. Society has stripped these vulnerable creatures of all basic rights and assigned a “property status” to these intelligent and sensitive beings. This property status has been ingrained into our culture and society. In order to put an end to oppression, this world view must be shattered.

Animals raised for food are just as intelligent, lovable, and sensitive as the animals we call “pets.” Yet, as standard procedure, farmed animals are subjected to brutality, confinement, crowding and deprivation. Most animals raised for food are reared in factory farms, where these sensitive beings are forced to live in filthy windowless sheds, wire cages, gestation crates, veal crates, and other intensive confinement systems. Even so-called “humanely raised,” “cage-free,” “organic” or “free-range” animals endure most of the same conditions. Most importantly, ALL of these animals suffer a painful and frightening death at the end of their short lives, regardless of how they are raised.


Adam has coordinated animal activism on the grassroots level in San Francisco, DC and Baltimore. He holds a degree in Sociology: Animals in Human Society.

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