FARM Pay Per View Reaches 1,300+ in 1st Week of Warped Tour

FARM has teamed up with Action For Animals to bring Pay Per View to Warped Tour audiences across the United States this summer, and we’re happy to report that the first week of tour has been a huge success!

With help from FARM staff and volunteers, Action For Animals’ awesome three-person Warped Tour team set up Pay Per View at their booth in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, Pomona, and Mountain View last week. We were able to reach between 150 to 300 people at each tour stop — a pattern that, if continued, will bring the final tally at tour’s end to nearly 10,000 people!

The crowds of young concert-goers reacted strongly to the graphic 4-minute video, but were empowered to learn that cutting animal products from their diets will help stop the cruelties in the video. Every viewer received a copy of our Live Vegan brochure and was invited to take literature from Action For Animals’ large selection at the booth.

One thought on “FARM Pay Per View Reaches 1,300+ in 1st Week of Warped Tour

  1. Great Idea – getting people to watch a video. I hope it is successful.

    Keep up the good work.

    I am a vegan.

    Thanks for helping the animals, environment, and everyone’s health.

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