FARM Pay-Per-View Reaches 100+ At Harry Potter Midnight Showing

On Thursday night, FARM staff and volunteers pushed the new Pay Per View mobile cart up to the lines of dedicated fans waiting outside a theater in Daly City, CA for the midnight premier of the last installment of the Harry Potter series. Over 100 people were stunned to learn that animals are treated even worse than house elves,┬ábut were then relieved to learn that helping animals doesn’t require any magic — just a change in diet!

It was an unusually cold and windy summer night — thanks to volunteers Nora Kramer (Mercy For Animals), Brian Grupe (Vegan Outreach), Erica Grossman, and Justin Mendez for your dedication!

3 thoughts on “FARM Pay-Per-View Reaches 100+ At Harry Potter Midnight Showing

  1. Next time you guys do this, it would be extremely informative if you got their contact information and followed up with them sometime down the road to see if the videos had any impact. I’m still on the fence about whether or not graphic videos are effective in recruitment.

  2. Hi Corey,

    Indeed, we do get their contact information! We follow up a month later with a survey asking about the changes they have made to their diet and their opinion of the video itself. Initial results from our first couple PPV events have been astounding — close to 50% of viewers made changes to their diet!

    Many viewers highly value the post-viewing discussion they had with a volunteer, where the viewers can ask questions or express their immediate reaction after watching the video. I think this “debrief” is almost as important as the video itself.

    Alex F

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