FARM Asks President Obama to Pardon All Turkeys

In keeping with the life-affirming spirit of Thanksgiving, FARM’s president and founder, Alex Hershaft, faxed a letter to President Obama asking him to pardon ALL turkeys bound for White House dinners.

The letter thanks the president for granting reprieve to two turkeys and for making healthy eating a top priority for this administration, while urging him to do more than ceremoniously pardon turkeys. FARM asks Obama to create a new White House tradition by becoming “the first president to observe a truly nonviolent holiday season” by pardoning all turkeys.

To experience the true meaning of Thanksgiving is to encourage kindness towards all beings, including turkeys. The conditions under which the birds are raised are so harsh that they must be pumped full of antibiotics, and 13% die before reaching the slaughterhouse. Consuming turkey only perpetuates these cruel and violent practices.

At a time when one-third of U.S. adults and about 17% of children and adolescents are obese, we can nourish our bodies with vegetables, whole grains, legumes and the traditional “three sisters” plants – squash, beans and corn – that were the focus of the first Thanksgiving celebration. After filling up on all of these delightfully healthy foods, there is no reason to include turkey in your meal!

To read the entire letter, please click here.

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