Earth Day 2014: Activists Encourage the Public to Evaluate the Impact Their Food Choices have on the Planet

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Vegan Earth Day 2014 was one of our best yet! More than 154 activists from all over North America distributed our new brochures at local events to encourage people to make the environment-diet connection. While most people leafleted, others gave out food samples or held pay-per-view events. Volunteers in 40 states and 3 Canadian provinces participated in Vegan Earth Day this year, distributing nearly 15,000 of our brochures to the public.


Just in time for Earth Day, we released our newest leaflet: “Does Your Meal Come With A Side of Devastation?” This colorful trifold makes the connection between what we eat and the impact those choices have on the environment. The detailed infographic inside highlights all the ways our food choices effect the world around us, including animal agriculture’s contributions to climate change, habitat loss, air pollution, and water pollution. The leaflet also gives simple steps to get the reader started on an earth-friendly vegan diet, including links to FARM’s Meatout Mondays and Live Vegan websites.

Our efforts allowed people to make the connection that the animal industry is destroying the planet. Volunteers across the country reported positive responses, sparking conversations about the how’s and why’s of a vegan diet. Together, our efforts ensured that Earth Day includes the powerful message that a more sustainable planet begins on our plates.

Learn more about our Vegan Earth Day campaign at and be sure to check out more exciting event photos here.

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