Celebrate Earth Day Everyday by Going Vegan!

Raising animals for food contributes substantially to global warming and is responsible for more water pollution, topsoil depletion, deforestation and wildlife destruction than any other human activity. That’s why FARM encourages folks to green their diets to help protect the planet and conserve valuable resources.

Recycling, reusing items, reducing energy usage, carpooling and bicycling all help to protect the environment and reduce our footprint on the planet; however, numerous studies indicate that switching to a vegan diet can cut out 90% of the total emissions an individual’s eating habits contribute to global warming. So while these small steps can make a big difference in saving the planet, switching to a plant-based diet can make the biggest impact.

So in honor of Earth Day, which was Sunday April 22nd, FARM staff and volunteers from across the country celebrated Vegan Earth Day, by spreading the compassionate message at over 50 Earth Day events. These events included tabling, video screenings, vegan food sampling, guest presentations and leafleting with over 20,000 handouts distributed.

Vegan Earth Day billboards are also being displayed in the San Francisco and Boston areas, where commuters are encouraged to visit LiveVegan.org to explore a plant-based diet in celebration of Earth Day. If you see one of our billboards, snap a picture and share it on our Facebook page or Tweet it to us @FARMUSA.

One thought on “Celebrate Earth Day Everyday by Going Vegan!

  1. They talked about how many people lost their homes in New Mexico fire…but they never mentioned how much wildlife was destroyed and the misplaced and starving and burned animals and the native plants and trees that were destroyed…it always amazed me that people want to “live out in the country”…yet they dont really have any connection (except hostile contempt) to the wildlife and trees in their regions..

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