From the Road: California Sunshine and Oceans of Outreach

The past week on the road has been filled with countless conversations, a few mechanical mishaps, about 500 viewers reached, and more stories from the road!  After our wildly successful stop at the Escondido Street Fair, we traveled slightly north to Irvine, California.  At UC Irvine, some bureaucratic complications altered our plans, but on went the outreach!  After an event at the University, we crashed a pod of food carts with our food for thought.  The next day, we headed over to beautiful Newport beach where sun seekers had light shed on the reality behind their food choices, and the vast majority of viewers pledged to cut back or eliminate animal products from their diets.  The beach side events proved to be very successful, so they carried us into the weekend.

Saturday evening in Santa Ana made for an exciting event with lots of viewers reached.  We parked on the outskirts of festival celebrating gay rights, which made for lots of wonderful buzz around the truck and plenty of viewers and follow-up conversations.  Fox 11 television station covered our event, as well as the local newspaper, the Orange County Register.

That night, we headed to Long Beach, where we staked out a perfect parking spot for the next day’s event.  In our downtown spot, we reached many individuals with our message of animal suffering, empowering people to live true to their values while simultaneously taking a stand against the cruelty inherent to the production of animal products.

Memorial Day took us back to the beach, where families and friends gathered to savor Southern California’s natural beauty.  Many people were enthusiastic to get educated about their food choices.  Whenever I am asked, “What’s the video about?” I always offer an honest response about the content by generally saying something along the lines of, “It’s about the treatment of animals who are raised for food.” It’s reassuring and inspiring to have so many positive and curious reactions to this reply.  Many people genuinely want to be educated on these issues, and once the deceptions that cushion the harsh reality behind animal products are peeled away, most people’s actions evolve alongside their new found knowledge.

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