Bay Area “Back To School” Pay Per View Reaches 725 Students

San Francisco Bay Area FARM staff and volunteers visited four major public universities in the past week to hold Pay Per View events to kick off the school year. We visited UC Berkeley and San Francisco, Sonoma, and San Jose State Universities, with students on all four campuses were eager to earn a dollar in exchange for watching a 4-minute video about the treatment of animals on farms.

In total, we reached 725 people in just 11 hours over the four days! For the last two events, we introduced a new Vegan Pledge to the PPV sign-up sheet. At both UC Berkeley and San Jose State, over 75% of viewers pledged to eat animal-free meals at least 1-2 days a week. All viewers leave with the message that a vegan diet is the only way to truly avoid supporting the cruelty they witnessed in the video.

FARM’s follow-up surveys indicate that the pledges are not short lived. One month later, over 50% of survey respondents from past events have decreased their consumption of animal products!

Huge thanks to Kalie Miller at Sonoma State University for helping organize and the wonderful folks from Santa Clara County Activists for Animals for coming to help at San Jose State!

FARM is currently looking for grassroots groups and student animal rights clubs who would like to join the Compassionate Activist Network and begin coordinating Pay Per View events in your area. We’ll provide everything you need to get started, making it easy for anyone to hold Pay Per View events!

2 thoughts on “Bay Area “Back To School” Pay Per View Reaches 725 Students

  1. Congratulations to your success!

    I am truly amazed about this. I never heard about your activities and it seems that it is really having an effect on the people.

    I think what keeps people going on eating meat and dairy products is the lack of information about on the implications…

    To “motivate” them in this way, to see what really happening on farms is really good.

    I don’t live in the States, but this is something that could also be done here in Bolivia…

    Now I have something to think about…

  2. Could you please send me more information on doing this in Canada? I am very interested in this and spreading the word. I am a huge animal lover and have quit eating meat for about a year now after I watched videos on the factory farms and was just sick to my stomach even had nightmares but it worked I am trying very hard to not eat meat anymore.Thank you

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