A Mother Hen & Her Chicks ~ The Bond

When given the opportunity, a mother hen enjoys lovingly teaching and nurturing her baby chicks. The chicks find sweet comfort under the shelter of mom’s wings and mother hen takes great pleasure in her wise and protective role.  As more people become aware of the cruel realities of the egg, dairy, and meat industries and make compassionate changes to their diet, fewer of these sentient beings will have to live the horrific, loveless lives they are subject to now.  Here’s a glimpse of the loving bond between mother hen & chick in a beautiful video excerpt from Tribe of Heart’s Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, soon to be released on DVD.

As we continue to observe World Farm Animals Day, we remember that at least 9 billion chickens are raised and killed for meat each year in the U.S. alone.  In addition, approximately 300 million “spent” hens and 250 million male baby chicks are killed each year in the U.S.  These sentient and intelligent animals are robbed of experiencing natural behaviors and relationships and instead live horribly painful, miserable lives. Read the REAL story about the life of a hen in, The Life of One Battery Hen by Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns.


Cindi Saadi ~ I am a vegan, and a passionate lover of animals & the Earth. I believe animals are sentient, extraordinary beings who have lives that matter. They deserve our respect, compassion, and protection. I am also a writer, photographer, artist, and life coach who was thankfully rescued by the best shelter dog ever! :-)

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