FARM Underground Interviews Pat Thetic from Anti-Flag

Pat Thetic from Anti-Flag at the FARM Underground Table

After the Anti-Flag set at the Harvest of Hope Festival 2010, FARM Underground Activists spent some time with Pat Thetic, a founding member of Anti-Flag and Vegan!

When asked why Pat chose veganism, he responded with “Being Vegan is just so easy!”  Pat talked with FARM Underground about the

horrific conditions animals are kept in, undercover footage taken inside Farms & slaughterhouses and the staggering numbers of animals killed for people’s taste choices.  Pat Thetic explained how easy it is for the group to find vegan food while on tour; and shared some tips about being vegan while traveling.

He noted, “…(when) traveling alone, there are great resources such as Happy Cow”.  Pat also mentioned that “…most restaurants can make things vegan, you just have to talk with them.”  When traveling Abroad, Pat also makes a point to “…learn certain words like “butter” or “milk” and listen to variations of the word” to make sure items are vegan.

Since Anti-Flag’s lyrics are very politically charged, exploring subjects like government repression and police brutality, FARM Underground Activists were surprised to learn that Pat Thetic had not yet heard about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) , AETA 4, AETA 2 or the SHAC 7.  The AETA (a federal law passed in 2006) aims to label animal activists as terrorists, squelch free speech and discourage dissent against any “animal enterprise”.  Pat was taken aback by this over the top action by the government.  Pat surmised, “…if you are in the right, the government labels you a terrorist.”  And he added that Anti-Flag “should do a song called ‘I am a Terrorist”.  When asked if he had any encouraging words for animal activists facing repression, Pat said, “Keep fighting the fight. The meat, dairy, egg (and other) industries are scared because we are wining”.

After hanging out for a few minutes longer to table for FARM Underground, Pat departed.  He gave FARM Underground his endorsement and invited FARM Underground to contact Anti-Flag when they start their tour in August 2010!

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Meatout Updates With PETA2, Mercy for Animals and FARM Underground!

A few quick Meatout updates:

- PETA2 is teaming up with Veg Fund to provide FREE vegan food to college Meatout activists!

- PETA is also offering the book Eating Animals at a 10 dollar discount in honor of Meatout!

- Mercy for Animals is again allowing FARM to give out free copies of Fowl Play for public screenings.

- FARM Underground has a ton of other free ideas for Meatout activism, including concert tablings. Check it out!

Hope that everyone gets active for Meatout, whether your event is large or small!

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