Update from the Road: East Coast’s Autumn of Outreach

The East Coast outreach tour of our 10 Billion Lives campaign is coming to a close for the semester. In this blog post, you’ll hear about the crew’s experience saving animals on the road these past couple of months. Take it away, Jessica & John!

This was the first time touring with FARM on the 10 Billion Lives Tour for both of us on the East Coast crew.  Going into this, I thought it might be discouraging, that we may speak with too many people who weren’t going to change their habits, but this tour actually really helped restore my faith in humanity.  The majority of people who viewed the video and spoke to us were deeply affected by it, and said they were at least going to start incorporating more vegan meals in an attempt to transition to fully vegan in the future.  We also spoke to many people who were so touched by the video that they were not only going to go vegan that very moment, but they wanted to become an activist themselves.  We had a wonderful start to the tour at Montgomery College in Maryland, we had 374 viewers in just two days!


Andy was just one of the wonderful people we spoke to there, who was ready to start transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.  We also had a great time at Montclair State University where we had 426 viewers in just two days and spoke to Porsha who wanted to find out everything she could about becoming vegan and getting involved herself.  At Temple University, we had an amazing volunteer, Brianna who helped us get 483 viewers in just three days!  Lydia, who was on tour with FARM this past summer volunteered with us a New York University, and took us out for some delicious pizza at Two Boots Pizza.

EC10blblog2 EC10blblog5

We also had some amazing volunteers at Rutgers University, Lizzie and Elaine.  As well as Amanda who helped us volunteer at James Madison University, and Max who helped us at North Carolina State University.  We had so many wonderful volunteers, who not only helped bring in viewers, but also helped us get good locations on campus.  We ate at so many amazing restaurants this quarter, but there are a few that really stood out.  Both of us agreed that our absolute favorite spot was Positivitea in New Jersey; they had the best black bean burger and soft serve ice-cream!

EC10blblog3  EC10blblog4

I can’t believe the tour is almost over, with only one week left!  It feels like it just started.  While living out of a van for nearly three months had its hardships, it was such an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  We met so many wonderful people, from volunteers to hosts that opened their home to us, to so many people who watched our video and wanted to start making changes to help animals.  It has been a wonderful and incredibly successful few months!


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Say Hello to the Fall 2015 10 Billion Lives Crew!

After a successful Summer of #SavingAnimals, we’re excited to hit the ground running with the Fall 2015 semester of outreach with our 10 Billion Lives campaign! Meet the 6 individuals who have dedicated the next few months to reaching as many people as possible with the importance of vegan choices across the country.

National Tour

Radish & Jill
Radish & Jill

Radish & Jillian are back on the road with the National Tour! Jillian Lowry was previously the driver for Warped Tour 2015 and did the Spring 2015 outreach tour. Radish has done multiple tours with 10 Billion Lives, including a couple of stints on Warped Tour. We’re very thankful to have these experience & dedicated activists on the road again for animals!



Southwest Tour


Melissa and Chase are new to the 10 Billion Lives campaign but are no strangers to helping animals!

Melissa DelSignore earned her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Youngstown State University in Northeast Ohio.  As a former marketing intern for Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Melissa created a vegan cookbook and printed 1,000 copies to raise funds for the rescued farm animals at the sanctuary. Recently, she earned her Plant Based Nutrition Certification from The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.  When she is free, you can catch her sipping out of coconuts on the shores of sunny Southwest Florida.


Chase Avior is a Screenwriter/Director/Actor/Public Speaker with a strong background in Ethical Philosophy and Social Psychology. He has been vegan for about 6 years. “When we liberate the oppressed, we free ourselves as well.”


East Coast

John & Jessica

The East Coast tour also has two newcomers, John & Jessica, who are excited to spend the autumn months advocating for animals!

Crew member John Kane says,  “I’m from Orlando, FL, but I was born in Fairbanks, AK. I’ve actually only been vegan since this past January, but I love doing activism and talking to people about veganism. In my spare time I like to practice the piano and cook lots of vegan food. I’m also a huge Hannibal fan, and I’m kind of conflicted about it.”

Jessica Richter recently graduated from University of Washington, majoring in Global Studies. A lifelong Seattlite, Jessica has been vegan for 6 years and credits the documentary, “Earthlings,” for springing her into activism. “I started leafleting, going to animal rights events and becoming more active about animal rights after watching Earthlings, I was already vegan when I saw it, but it really got me passionate about helping create change.”

Please leave a note of thanks & encouragement for these dedicated activists in the comments below! If you’d like to support the tour and its mission of saving animals, make a tax-deductible donation HERE. Be sure to follow along the adventure by following the 10 Billion Tour on Twitter and Instagram!

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Compassionate Activist Spotlight: Jennifer Mennuti

We are so proud of the compassionate change-makers speaking out for animals through our Compassionate Activist Network! Right now, you’ll get to know CAN Coordinator, Jennifer Mennuti, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Read on to learn more about her activism experience!

Jennifer (right) has been a huge help with our 10 Billion Lives campaign at Warped Tour!
Jennifer (right) has been a huge help with our 10 Billion Lives campaign at Warped Tour!

FARM: How long have you been involved in animal rights activism?
Jennifer: Shortly after becoming vegan in 2008, I watched the original version of Peaceable Kingdom and decided that just being vegan wasn’t enough to help animals. I decided that I needed to do a whole lot more to help stop this enormous suffering. I’ve dedicated a lot of my free time since that moment to bringing awareness to their plight and to the many benefits of the vegan lifestyle.

How long have you been vegan?
I’ve been vegan since 2008 when I stumbled upon Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s podcast “Vegetarian Food For Thought.” It was around Halloween because I remember one of my first important questions was, “Which Halloween candies are vegan?”
When did you join CAN?
I joined CAN late last year after some friends told me about it.
What is your favorite outreach activity?
My favorite outreach activity is showing factory farm footage to people. I think it’s so important for people to fully grasp the misery these animals endure and video is the best way to convey this reality. Watching the reactions of the viewers is very powerful and I love answering their questions and giving them more information.

Most Saturday nights, Jennifer can be found advocating for animals in South Beach.
Most Saturday nights, Jennifer can be found advocating for animals in South Beach.

What is your most memorable experience while doing outreach?
My most memorable moments of outreach have been participating with the 10 Billion Lives Tour at Vans Warped Tour, which I’ve done twice. It’s a very fast paced, intense experience due to the loud music, thousands of people, hot sun, rain, and ability to show an entire video to so many young viewers who have the potential to make an enormous difference for so many animals. Kudos to the crew members and other volunteers for participating in this tour!
What do you enjoy the most about CAN?
I love the CAN Facebook page because I can see what other activists are doing and it gives me ideas of things I can try in my own community.

What are some of your goals as an activist?
Although I sometimes participate in demos concerning circus animals, rodeos, marine parks, etc. my primary goal is to educate people about the animals they eat since it affects so many more lives and it’s something we can directly impact at least three times each day. My goals involve spreading awareness as well as assisting with creating and promoting alternative food options so people have convenient, affordable, and tasty options.
What is your favorite vegan food?
I’m pretty partial to vegan cupcakes. They are available in so many flavors and at increasing locations that I’ve been able to retire from making them and now purchase them from local vendors.

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

If you’re ready to start #SavingAnimals through our Compassionate Activist Network, sign up today! It’s free to register and order leaflets, plus we have a supportive community of fellow CAN coordinators and FARM staffers. And of course, the more outreach you do, the more great vegan prizes you’ll earn! Get started today!

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Shop for a Cause in August!

We at FARM are very lucky to have the generous support of some fantastic, animal-friendly businesses. In the month of August, your purchases at the following online stores will help FARM continue our lifesaving campaigns! Read on for details and invite your friends to fill a cart for a cause, too!

5% of Compassion Company sales in July & August are being donated to our 10 Billion Lives campaign!

Compassion Company is a fine purveyor of organic, USA-made, sweatshop free t-shirts and message wear with eye-catching vegan & animal rights designs. Compassion Company is also a sponsor of our Compassionate Activist Network, helping us inspire and reward activists’ efforts for saving animals! 5% of all sales in July & August will support our 10 Billion Lives education campaign.


Order a comfy Yummy Plants tee (available in black & purple) this month and support FARM!

Our friend Rebecca at Yummy Plants unveiled this brand new t-shirt this year and is generously donating 20% of all online sales in July & August to FARM! This Love Life Vegan tee is available in both fitted and unisex sizes, and in black or purple. Order yours today!


The Vegetarian Site is a one-stop for all things vegan & cruelty-free!

Animal-free shoes and wallets? Vegan marshmallows? Fancy boxed chocolates with zero animal ingredients? You can find these things and so much more at The Vegetarian Site! From pantry staples to unique goodies to compassionate wearables, this can be your one-stop shop for all things vegan. 10% of all sales in the month of August will be donated to FARM, so those purchases will save even MORE animals this month!

Huge thanks to our friends at Compassion Company, Yummy Plants, and The Vegetarian Site for their support during our Summer of #SavingAnimals!


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Compassionate Activist Spotlight: Megan Paul

We are so proud of the compassionate changemakers speaking out for animals through our Compassionate Activist Network! In this blog, you’ll meet CAN Coordinator, Megan Paul, from Houston, Texas. Read on to learn more about her activism experience!


FARM: How long have you been involved in animal rights activism?
Megan: 13 years

How long have you been vegan?
2 years

When did you join CAN?
About 9 months ago

What is your favorite outreach activity?
I really love to leaflet. It’s a great conversation starter and SO easy to do!

What is your most memorable experience while doing outreach?
I was Leafletting my campus for the first time, Texas A&M, and I was nervous I would face backlash from the mostly agriculture major student body. Sure enough, a student came back to me about 5 minutes after I handed him a leaflet and he thanked me for opening his eyes. I haven’t stopped since!

What do you enjoy the most about CAN?
The prizes are so realistic and easy to get! But they also work with me really well to get leaflets that I need for events.

What are some of your goals as an activist?
I just want to enlighten people about the choices they’re making.

What is your favorite vegan food?
Well, since Daiya has made a cheesecake, I’m gonna have to say that!

Megan Paul -2

Thanks for sharing, Megan!

If you’re ready to start #SavingAnimals through our Compassionate Activist Network, sign up today! It’s free to register and order leaflets, plus we have a supportive community of fellow CAN coordinators and FARM staffers. And of course, the more outreach you do, the more great vegan prizes you’ll earn! Get started today!

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Meet the Second Warped Tour Crew for 10 Billion Lives!

We’re more than halfway through our Summer of #SavingAnimals and our outreach at Vans Warped Tour is going strong! Say hello to the 10 Billion Lives crew who are speaking out for animals for the last half of the nationwide music festival.



Brian Lutz joins the tour from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brian has been touring with different animal rights organizations for over a year now. When he’s not on the road advocating for animals, Brian raises awareness about the suffering involved in horse-drawn carriages.

WT2AndreaAndrea Holt joins the crew from Kansas City, Missouri. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from MidAmerica Nazarene University in 2013. Andrea says, “I have a strong interest in marine biology and ocean conservation, so I graduated and went to live on a boat, the American Pride docked in Long Beach, CA, for six months teaching ocean science and conservation. Then went on to work for Ocean Institute, a non-profit organization in South Orange County, as a marine science instructor.” Andrea recently celebrated her first vegan anniversary!



Ryan Hajek climbs aboard the 10 Billion Lives tour from Ventura, California. He is in his second year of political science studies at Cal Poly Pomona. Ryan has accomplished a lot for the animals on campus: he founded the school’s first animal rights group, Bronco Animal Rights Network (BARN); has campaigned for Meatless Mondays on campus; has protested and petitioned sale of SeaWorld tickets at the university; and does outreach with FARM’s Compassionate Activist Network and has volunteered with 10 Billion Lives. Ryan is also a Campus Representative for PETA and a Campaigns Intern for Humane League.

Andrew Kinnecom is a music producer and musician from New York City, joining 10 Billion Lives following a 4-year stint with Greenpeace. Andrew has been vegan for the past 6 years. His advocacy focuses primarily on deforestation, overfishing, dirty energy, and factory farming issues.

Jillian Lowry is still driving the crew from coast-to-coast, following her spring campus tour with 10 Billion Lives!

warped tour secondcrew

We’re thrilled to have another compassionate crew of activists advocating for animals at Vans Warped Tour! Please leave a note of thanks & encouragement for the crew in the comments below!

Support the tour wherever you are with a tax-deductible donation! Every $1 donated = 1 more viewer of our important 4-minute video, which inspires them to work toward a vegan diet!



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Compassionate Activist Spotlight: Tammy Lee

Organizers with our Compassionate Activist Network (CAN) are doing AMAZING things for animals in their communities! We’re so impressed & inspired by the work they are doing that we want to shine a spotlight on them. Our first Compassionate Activist Spotlight is on Tammy Lee, one of our top CAN Coordinators!

Tammy Lee (left)
Tammy Lee (left)

FARM: How long have you been an involved in animal rights activism?
Tammy: 25 years. It started when I attended a PETA “Animal Rights 101” workshop in 1990. This was pre-Internet, so they seated us by zipcode. While there, I met others in my local area and we connected to do an outreach table at Contra Costa Earth Day, using PETA leaflets that explained the various ways animals were exploited for food, clothing, personal care products, etc. I don’t think any of us had ever tabled before. I remember we created a paper banner on a dot matrix printer, and displayed a bowl of vegetables, each labeled with how many grams of protein it had. (Yes, some questions never change.)

How long have you been vegan?
I’ve been vegan since 1990. The catalyst was stopping in a random store for ice cream after hiking at Pt Reyes National Seashore, where I picked up a magazine. It was either The Animals Voice Magazine or The Animals Agenda. My eyes were open[ed] to a whole new way of looking at the world and the non-humans that I share it with.
When did you join CAN?
I joined in Fall 2014, after my college leafleting buddy Don raved about this new leaflet, “Have We Been Lied To?”. I was impressed by its style and inviting cover, and joined to get it into more people’s hands.

What is your favorite outreach activity?
I like leafleting both for its ease in setup and the spontaneous nature of the activity. I do also enjoy tabling, which allows for more in-depth conversations, creativity, and a broader presentation of material.

What is your most memorable experience while doing outreach?
Gosh. This is a hard question since I’ve been doing outreach since 1990. I’ve had so many experiences, but the one that rendered me speechless was my first SF Pride in 2003. So I’m at the booth with my husband Chris James and Nora Kramer. We’re right on the main thoroughfare, and this woman [approaches] us with a question. But I couldn’t answer, because I was shocked and preoccupied with her toplessness and where I should be looking… Fortunately Nora handled the situation with aplomb. I learned then how different tabling at Pride is than any other event. Our group, Bay Area Vegetarians, had a table at SF Pride until 2010, but nothing topped that experience.
What do you enjoy the most about CAN?
I enjoy hearing what others are doing around the country to help animals. Even though I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is overall very vegan-friendly, I live in Napa county, where there is not a single vegan or vegetarian restaurant. There’s only a few of us who leaflet, too. I would love to connect with others in my area via CAN.

What are some of your goals as an activist?
I don’t really have any goals. I just hope to encourage more people to eat vegan & to educate themselves about the issues, and to be active for animals as long as I’m able to.

What is your favorite vegan food?
The Banh Mi Salad at Veggie Grill, or cooking up a batch of spicy beans and rice at home, and topping it with shredded lettuce, fresh cilantro, and diced avocado.

Tammy Lee (right)
Tammy Lee (right)

Thanks for sharing, Tammy!

Are YOU ready to take action for animals in your community? Join our Compassionate Activist Network today & order FREE leaflets for outreach! We also offer action guides and lots of support! The more outreach you do, the more animals you’ll save, and the more rewards you can earn. We look forward to having you join us!


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Meet the First 2015 10 Billion Lives Warped Tour Crew!

Today is the first day of the 10 Billion Lives summer-long outreach at Vans Warped Tour! Two different crews will be following the famous music festival from coast-to-coast, educating young concert-goers about the truth behind meat, dairy, and eggs and helping them move toward a vegan diet. Meet the first crew that will kick off this exciting season of outreach!



Jillian Lowry (driver) is from Cleveland, Ohio and has been a vegan for nearly 10 years. After learning about the various forms of exploitation occurring in the animal agriculture industry, she knew animal rights was her calling. Jillian participated in animal rights activism while earning her Master’s in Ireland and continues to support the cause in the USA. Just finishing off last semester’s 10 Billion Lives National Tour, she is excited to drive the crew across the country for Warped Tour! Go Jillian!

Radish (crew leader) has mostly been involved in vegan outreach/animal rights activism (FARM, peta2, Vegan Outreach, Direct Action Everywhere, etc.), but is also involved with anarchist/community organizing (like Food Not Bombs). Radish cares deeply about environmental, feminist, and LGBTQ+ rights issues. This is Radish’s THIRD Warped Tour with FARM, in addition to a fall semester of outreach with the 10 Billion Lives Southwest tour in 2014. Great to have you back, Radish!

Raven Corrigan is from Chicago, Illinois, and has been one of FARM’s top coordinators in our Compassionate Activist Network! Through CAN, Raven has done leafleting and pay-per-view events. They have also been a fantastic volunteer every time the 10 Billion Lives tour comes to their area. Raven is a current college student and has been vegan for 3 years. Great to have you on tour, Raven!

Karly Placek joins the crew from Monroe, Wisconsin. Karly was the founder & president of the Ithaca College Animal Rights club! She earned her BA in Documentary Studies. Karly has volunteered with Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. Fun fact: She can identify nearly any species of primate. Welcome aboard, Karly!

Lydia Harris is currently a student at New York University. After 8 years of vegetarianism, she has now been vegan for one year. She has interned with Farm Sanctuary, Mercy For Animals, and Farm Animal Rights Movement; volunteered with Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center; is a co-organizer of Vegan P:OWER Events; and is an undergraduate representative for Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. Wow! Great to have you, Lydia!

As you can see, we have a fantastic crew of compassionate change-makers all set to get our Warped Tour outreach off to a great start! We are so thankful for the dedication of these individuals to spend their summer #SavingAnimals!


Volunteers are needed for every USA stop along the way! Check dates HERE and submit a volunteer application HERE. Can’t help out in person? Your donations keep the tours going all summer long! Every $1 donated = 1 more person reached with our life-saving message! Make your tax-deductible donation HERE.

Follow the tour’s journey on Twitter and Instagram!

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Remembering Our Friend, Lisa Shapiro

Lisa Shapiro, Vegan Saint

by Tofurky Founder Seth Tibbott


Lisa Shapiro dedicated her life to promoting veganism as a means of relieving the suffering of animals.  She felt the suffering of animals deeply in every fiber of her being at a level few people on earth have ever achieved.   She worked tirelessly to advance veganism throughout her life in varied professional and volunteer capacities.  She gave her heart, her soul, and her wisdom freely to anyone she felt was working to advance vegan causes.  In doing this for over 28 years, she created a body of knowledge and network of connections in the animal rights movement that is unrivaled.   Though her contributions were immense, she remained humble, thinking of herself as a “grassroots activist.”  No young activist ever paid for a meal or hotel in Boulder if Lisa knew about it. Though her Boulder condominium was basic, it was often overflowing with vegan warriors who found a safe haven and warm meal.

Lisa grew up in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from the University of Albany in 1985 moving to Boulder, Colorado that same year.  A “righteous vegetarian” at the time, Lisa got a job at the Crystal Street Market on Pearl Street working in their deli.  She became vegan soon after meeting Jack Norris who was handing out “Please Don’t Drink My Mama’s Milk” brochures on the Pearl Street Mall and also talking with a woman who came into the store wearing a tee shirt with a picture of a veal calf on it.

In 1987, Lisa was hired by the Boulder based, Wild Oats Market as their deli manager.  She soon veganized the deli and continued to work for Wild Oats in various managerial capacities for 17 years.  It was here as a purchaser that she became intimately familiar with the struggles that small vegan businesses faced in the marketplace.

In 2001, Lisa took a job with the AGOA African Opportunity Association in Ghana and Cameroon.  Her job there was to help people develop sustainable, fair trade small businesses.  Though her salary was an astounding $1,000 per day while in Africa, she gave most of her funds to the people she was working with to help them with their ventures.  Travelling to Africa as a vegan was hard and witnessing the suffering of human and non-human animals was very difficult for Lisa and she quit after two years.

Coming back to Boulder, overwhelmed from her African experience, Lisa became depressed and stayed close to home.   In 2006, she started the Boulder Vegan Meet Up, which was one of her proudest achievements.   Today this is one of the largest groups in the USA with almost 1000 members, 350 of which attended a Compassionate Vegan Thanksgiving that Lisa organized in 2014.

For the next few years Lisa worked with several vegan startup companies, selflessly giving them the benefit of her accumulated wisdom and contacts.   Among these companies was V Dog for which she had a special affinity.  She was also a trusted member of the Veg Fund Board which promoted vegan businesses and nonprofit entities.

In 2011 she founded “All Things Vegan,” a consulting company designed to promote quality vegan products, while expanding awareness of the positive impact of vegan lifestyles on animals, people, and the planet.  In that year she began working with The Tofurky Company as the company’s first social media director.  It soon became apparent that Lisa had much more to give and she was hired as a full time Marketing Coordinator.  Though at this time, Lisa was suffering increasing pain in her back and exploring a variety of treatment options, she enthusiastically kept a full work schedule of attending veg fests, trade shows, demos and other industry events, always representing the company in a stellar light.  She continued to be a valuable employee until the last days of her life.

But as much as Lisa accomplished in her professional life, she may have accomplished more in her nonprofessional life.   On her own unpaid time, Lisa enthusiastically handed out vegan literature on the Pearl Street Mall, organized circus protests, cooked countless meals for weary travelers, counseled new vegans and engaged people honestly and directly about their eating habits.   Though her body would shake, Lisa was never one not to ask the hard, often unpopular questions, about how people knowingly or unknowingly treated animals.  Arguably she has single handedly created more vegans than any lone individual acting on their own conscience.  This fact was recognized by the great Ingrid Newkirk of PETA last fall when she hailed Lisa as one of the “Unsung Vegan Heroes” of the Pollination Project.  This award came with a $1,000 prize which Lisa quickly donated to her favorite organizations.

Even as her body declined, Lisa’s mind and spirit somehow carried on.   While in the hospital suffering from unimaginable pain, Lisa would give vegan literature for visitors to leave in the waiting room and ask them to give the food she could not eat to the Boulder homeless.

No longer with us in body, Lisa’s passionate work lives on.  It lives on in the darkest reaches of the factory farm system which now shows signs of disruption.  It is alive in the minds of “happy meat” lovers who have been challenged with inconvenient truths.  It flourishes on college campuses that have new vegans demanding meal options in dining halls.  It ripples outwards from the hundreds of people Lisa convinced to give plant based diets a try.  Through her honesty, love and activism, Lisa has left a powerful legacy in her wake.  Though it is unlikely that we will ever see another Vegan Saint like her, we have all been blessed to be alive at the same time as Lisa Shapiro.  Thanks to Saint Lisa, the lives of all animals, human and non-human, have been made better.    And there is no greater legacy than that.


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Say Hello to the Summer 2015 10 Billion Lives Tour Operators!

Our Summer of #SavingAnimals is underway and today we’re excited to introduce you to 4 individuals who are dedicating their summer to just that! Say hello to the tour operators of the 10 Billion Lives East Coast & Southwest tours!

Nicole & Shiri, Southwest Summer Crew

Shiri Takacs leads this summer’s Southwest tour. Shiri was born and raised in South Africa and now resides in sunny California. Shiri has been working in graphic & web design for the past 9 years, focusing most recently on providing designs to vegan companies and animal-focused non-profits. Eager to dive more fully into activism, Shiri is excited to be on the road with 10 Billion Lives this summer!

Nicole Casares went vegan two years ago after watching the documentary, Vegucated. Since then she has devoted most of her free time to spreading the compassionate message of vegan living by leafleting at colleges. She is now excited to be on tour and have more conversations with people about how they can adopt a plant based diet. Nicole attended California State University Long Beach and majored in Studio Art. This fall she plans to go back to school and earn her masters in Social Work.

Niko & Isaac, East Coast Summer Crew

Niko Morozov is leading this summer’s East Coast tour of 10 Billion Lives. Niko currently attends Willamette University and is president of the Vegan Club. Niko has been vegan for four years and enjoys sushi, French toast, and all animals (especially dogs and ferrets). Dessert is her favorite meal of the day, especially when it involves chocolate.

Isaac Boswell joins the tour from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Isaac dedicates a lot of his energy and compassion into various animal rights projects while also working as a cook, courier, and bicycle mechanic at a non-profit bike recycler. In his free time, Isaac enjoys reading, playing music, and making all kinds of different crafts, including jewelry, sewing, and screen printing.


We are excited to have Shiri, Nicole, Niko, and Isaac join us for a tremendous Summer of #SavingAnimals! Please leave them a note of thanks & encouragement in the comments below.

Stay tuned — we’ll soon be introducing you to our Vans Warped Tour crew!

How are YOU saving animals this summer? We have a variety of exciting outreach opportunities that will not only help create a kinder world for animals, but will also earn you rewards! Learn more HERE.

All three tours of our 10 Billion Lives campaign need volunteers all summer long! Get all the details & apply at 10BILLIONTOUR.ORG/VOLUNTEER

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